Residential Learning Community (RLC)

Welcome to EOP’s Resdiential Learning Community (RLC)! EOP's first-year students, regardless of cultural heritage, identity or major, are encouraged to live in our Residential Learning Community through University Housing on campus. The RLC was created to provide an inclusive living environment for EOP students who identify as first-generation college students. This community is created to enhance students’ residential and educational experience through participation in various academic and social activities. All incoming EOP freshmen are required to Live in the EOP Residential Learning Community. 

As a result of participating in the Residential Learning Community, students will:

  • Connect with fellow EOP students outside of the classroom
  • Be aware of and utilize various campus resources
  • Engage with EOP Counselors and participate in program events
  • Transition both academically and socially to the Cal Poly campus
  • Increase connection to faculty and staff

Residence Hall Events

  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Arts & Crafts - Mug & Frame Painting
  • Dia de los muertos altar
  • Movie Night - Coco with Cocoa
  • Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Arts & Crafts - Ornament Decorating
  • Cookie Decorating

Student Testimonials

“If I did not have the support from my fellow EOP peers and advisors I would have not made it through my first quarter. Being a first-generation college student in a pre-dominantly white institution was difficult to adjust to, however EOP made the process so much easier. They are inspiring and make us, minorities, feel a sense of belonging. I truly appreciate all the support my EOP family has given me. They are my home away from home.”

“My experience at Cal Poly wouldn't have been the same if it weren't for the EOP Living Learning Community. As EOP students, we value education and prioritize school and in tenaya we can always count on others to encourage us to achieve in academics as well as to maintain a fun and healthy balance d life style. Before coming to Cal Poly I was concerned that I would struggle meeting new people, but our living community enhanced inclusiveness since day 1 and made our transition to college better than expected, It still amazes me how fast I became comfortable with a group of people in a matter of days. I've met the most dedicated and caring people through this program that have contributed to my success in my first quarter, and I have the EOP Living learning community in tenaya for the long life friendships I've made.”

“I really appreciate all that the crew does to provide us with resources and benefits. They make us feel special and loved. We know that we be long at Cal Poly.”


Residential Learning Community Contact

Cynthia Diaz, EOP Counselor


If you have any other housing related questions, please visit the University Housing website.

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