What is SI?

Cal Poly's Summer Institute (SI) is a mandatory academic and residential orientation program held annually for newly admitted EOP first years. This program is geared at helping you make a successful transition from high school to college and provide you with opportunities for academic and personal growth. This year's in-person program is scheduled for Sunday, August 4 - Friday, August 30, 2024.

  • FAFSA: Please note you are required to submit 2023 - 2024 FAFSA* (this is based on your 2021 taxes). 
    • AB 540 / Dream Act Students do not need to file the 2023 - 2024 FAFSA. We will be utilizing your 2024 - 2025 CA Dream Act Application (this is based on 2022 taxes).
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact eop@calpoly.edu.

SI Challenge

Summer Institute will provide you with a mini-quarter of academic and social activities which will undoubtedly put you on the right track for a successful transition to Cal Poly. Whether you are interested in Summer Institute for personal or academic reasons, we are certain that you will benefit from this experience.

Summer institute will offer you:

  • Six units of courses, which will put you a step ahead for fall quarter.
  • An Ethnic Studies course which satisfies a GE requirement.
  • Opportunities to become familiar with the campus and its services.
  • Participation in social activities.
  • Connections with academic advisors, faculty, and students in your field of study.
  • Study skills which will help you realign your current study habits to meet college level demands.
  • On-campus living experiences.
  • Chances to get to know the SLO community before fall quarter.

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