Student Comments

"SI is a great transitional program that opens your eyes about the world of college before you actually experience it. It gives you a great taste of what college is about, how it feels to live in the dorms. Also, SI provides workshops, such as note taking skills, test taking skills, etc.; those that are helpful in preparing students to study successfully and effectively in college. I know SI is a great program and I know it's beneficial to all first-year college students."
—Van Ma
"Attending Summer Institute has been one of my greatest college decisions. When I walk around campus, I feel lost sometimes, but when I see someone from SI, it's like having a reunion party. Simply seeing someone and just talking to them makes college life more pleasant in my home away from home."
—Loan Nguyen
"The intense schedule given to us was the best thing for me. That month did a great deal for my time management skills! It also gave me a good estimate of what exactly is expected of me in college."
—Otto Petty
"Coming from a small high school in northern California, I was really uneasy attending a major university like Cal Poly. SI provided a smooth transition between these two worlds. When I started school at Poly, I felt I had an emotional head start and, just as important, a network of friends and faculty to whom I could turn for academic as well as moral support."
—Rodolfo Chacon
"By the time fall quarter rolls around, all the people are lost and you know just where to go, so SI really allows you to become knowledgeable of the campus and to meet some great people that will help you in the future."
—Nuno Costa
"Being a learning disabled student, it turned out to be an invaluable experience. Without SI, my chances of succeeding as a first time Cal Poly student would have been greatly diminished."
—Paul J. Lee

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