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Spaces to Get Involved & Gain Resources

EOP is a great way to get involved with the community, but we encourage you to explore some of the other ways to get involved on campus. 


Check out these affinity spaces to find other students and staff with similar identities to yourself!

  • Black Academic Excellence Center - for Black and African American students to gain resources, community and support. 
  • Center for Military Connected Students - for veterans or students who have family in the military to gain support and resources. 
  • Disability Resource Center - for students with physical and non-physical disabilities to acquire support and community. 
  • Dream Center - for undocumented or DACAmented students to seek support and gain community. 
  • Gender Equity Center - for students of all marginalized genders, inclusive of all those who are womxn, feminine-of-center, trans, and nonbinary.
  • International Center - for international student advising and a space to meet other international students. 
  • La Casa - for latinx students and allies who went to learn more about the latinx culture and build community.
  • Men and Masculinities - for students to express ideas and expressions of masculinities through programming and community. 
  • Multicultural Center - for students of historically underrepresented groups to build community and express their multicultural identities. 
  • Pride Center - for students of all gender identities, sexualities and expressions. 
  • SAFER - for students who are interested in, or identify with, the response to and prevention of gender- and power-based violence.

Career, Leadership & Service

Interested in building your resume or gaining new skills? Check out these departments and resources!

  • Associated Students Incorporated - ASI is home to Cal Poly's Student Government which offers great leadership opportunities.
  • Career Services - Meet with a Career Counselor, get resume feedback, practice interviewing and attend the annual Career Fair to get a head start on job searching!
  • Center for Leadership - Earn a leadership certificate and participate in campus-wide leadership opportunities to boost your skills and resume.
  • Center for Service in Action - Participate in community service within the SLO community and beyond!
  • Inter Housing Council - Expand your skills and experience by getting involved in Residential Student Government.  
  • New Student and Transition Programs - Give back and enhance the Orientation experience by providing your insight and knowledge with newly admitted students. 
  • Peer Health Educators - Help educate our campus community by providing workshops on physical, mental and sexual health. 


Often you can find academic support and opportunities within your College or in your identity-based spaces, but additional spaces include: 

  • Disability Resource Center - for students with disabilities to seek support and services. 
  • International Center - for international student advising and services. 
  • LibRAT Program - for students to seek peer-to-peer research support, includes opportunities to support other students. 
  • Mustang Success Center - for all first-year students seeking academic support.
  • Research Databases - for students looking to get involved in research projects on campus and around the world.
  • Study Abroad - for study abroad advising which includes academic, research and internship programs. 
  • Transfer Center - for all transfer students seeing support and services.
  • Writing and Learning Center - for students to seek tutoring or writing support, includes opportunities to assist other students.

Student Clubs & Organizations

Here are some additional spaces to find your community and gain skills and experience that will support your journey at Cal Poly and beyond!

Additional Campus Resources

In addition to the support and ways to get involved listed above, at some point in your Cal Poly journey you may find that you are in need of additional wellbeing or financial support. Below are just a few of the various types of campus resources available to you as a Cal Poly student. 

Basic Needs

CP Essentials is the result of the Cal Poly's Basic Needs Initiative which seeks to ensure that all students have access to the resources needed to focus on education and success at Cal Poly. Basic needs support includes: 

  • Food security
  • Housing & community resources
  • Financial resources
  • Mental health services

Campus Health & Wellbeing

Cal Poly's Campus Health & Wellbeing is made up of three different services:

Dean of Students

Student Support, Success and Retention, a sub-division of the Dean of Students, assists students who struggle in areas such as psychological health, physical health, relationship issues, family crisis, life trauma, social adjustment, and interpersonal conflict. If you are in need of support, or want to be directly connected with someone who can help you in any of the previously mentioned areas, please reach out to one of the EOP counselors

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