What is FYS?

First Year Seminars (FYS) are seminars designed to support the success of new incoming first-year students at the university. Through these seminars, you will explore your academic, career and co-curricular options at Cal Poly. Your participation will assist you in developing enhanced study techniques and problem-solving skills, as well as enhancing your educational experiences as a first-year student.

These seminars are taught in an active classroom environment where, through peer activities and instructor guidance, you will learn about the following topics:

  • Academic Success:

    Life at Cal Poly will present new and different academic challenges. In a safe, “learn-by-doing” classroom environment, we'll cover valuable information on how to evaluate your existing study skills and continue your academic success.

  • Your Future:

    Exploring your chosen major and your career plan will be a critical part of your learning process through FYS!

  • Campus Resources:

    FYS will teach you about vital campus resources that address academic, personal and co-curricular issues.

  • Campus Involvement:

    First Year Seminars will provide you with the opportunity to explore over 375 clubs and organizations available on campus. We want to help you find your unique niche here at Cal Poly!

  • Personal Development:

    At Cal Poly, you will encounter a great diversity of people, ideas and values. These seminars will encourage you to appreciate and respect this diversity and will give you the opportunity to express your viewpoints as well as to listen to others.

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FYS Fall 2018



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