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EOP Admissions FAQ

Can you still Apply with your Student Aid Index is more than 2000?

Yes, you can still apply for EOP if your SAI is 2000 or greater. However, EOP does consider income as part of its eligibility criteria and students who have an SAI that is higher than the income guidelines started will be less likely to be invited into the program. Financial aid calculations are complicated, so we encourage you to still apply and we can review all of your materials.

My financial needs changed, and now I believe I am eligible to apply. Can I apply?

The best time to apply for the program is during your admissions process. If you have not started classes at Cal Poly yet, you can email to see if you can apply to the program late through an appeals process. If you are a current Cal Poly student, you are no longer eligible to apply and enter into EOP.

Can you apply to EOP after you are already enrolled to Cal Poly?

EOP is an admissions and support program and we admit students into the program as part of the general admissions process of the university. If you are a current Cal Poly student, we cannot admit you into the program.

I missed the EOP application deadline. Can I still submit my application late?

If you’d like to us to consider a late application based on an extenuating circumstance, please contact with that request. Based on the nature of the request and time and where we are in our admissions process, we may be able to accept your application late.

My recommender did not submit my letter of recommendation?

Please contact your recommender to see if they are still able to send a letter of recommendation or have a new recommender contact us at for a late recommendation letter request.

Can my recommender send the recommendation letter after the deadline?

Please have your recommender contact and we can work with them to submit a late recommendation letter. If we have already completed our admissions process (April/May), we may not be able to accept late recommendation letters.

Can I change my recommender?

If you are looking to change your recommender before the January 31st deadline, you can go into your EOP application in CSU Apply and change your recommender. If you are looking to change your recommender after that deadline, please contact us at explaining your situation.

Added the wrong email for EOP Recommender, how can I change it?

If you are looking to change your recommender’s email before the January 31st deadline, you can go into your EOP application in CSU Apply and change your recommender’s email. If you are looking to change your recommender’s email after that deadline, please have your recommender contact us directly at explaining the situation.

My recommender has not received anything from the Cal State Apply. What should I do?

Have them start by checking their junk or spam folders. If it’s not there, have them email us directly at explaining their situation and we can send them a recommendation form directly.

When will I find out if I was accepted into the EOP Program?

We send out notifications of EOP admissions around April or May. We consider EOP status after Cal Poly admission decisions have been completed.

Can I make an appointment with a EOP Counselor to find more information about the EOP Program?

Generally, our EOP Counselors are focused on supporting currently enrolled students. If you’d like to learn more about the program, I encourage you to contact our main EOP office at (805) 756 – 2301 or at and one of our other EOP staff members should be able to figure out how to best support you, which may include speaking to an EOP Counselor.

Can my EOPS (Community College) or EOP (CSU) status be transferred to EOP SLO?

EOPS (community college) is a similar but separate program from EOP. EOPS status is non-transferable to our EOP. However, EOPS is considered as a positive factor in EOP admissions here and we enroll many EOPS students. EOP at another CSU is transferable as we are all within the same system. Please ensure to indicate that in your admissions application or email us directly at to let us know.

Can I be both Cal Poly Scholars and EOP?

Yes, dual-enrollment in both programs is possible and common. Please note, each program has it’s own requirements and you are expected to meet both program’s requirements to maintain eligibility.

What WOW and SLO days should I sign-up for?

This year, EOP SLO Days are prioritize below;

i. First-time Freshmen (FTF)

1. August 9-10 (Session 10) (PREFERENCE FOR ALL EOP FTF)

2. July 5-6 (session 2)

3. July 15-16 (session 5)

4. August 2-3 (session 9)

ii. Transfer Students

1. July 26 (Transfer virtual)

2. July 27 (Transfer in-person)

What is the EOP definition of first generation?

We define first-generation as neither parents have earned a four year college degree.

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