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EOP Admissions FAQ

How does a student apply for EOP and find out if they are accepted?

Students should: Follow the guidelines on our web site to apply for EOP services. If you are accepted into Cal Poly for the upcoming fall quarter, check your Student Center To-Do List within your Cal Poly Portal for notifications and/or further actions to take. 

Can Non-EOP students gain eligibility for the program after being admitted to Cal Poly?

NO. The EOP determination is set at the time of admissions only. The only opportunity to apply for the EOP program is through the Cal State Apply application.

Does EOP accept applications for Winter, Spring and Summer Quarters?

NO. EOP at Cal Poly only accepts applications for Fall Quarter.

If I miss the deadline, is there any chance of applying after that deadline?

Contact each CSU campus directly to find out if there is an appeal process. Currently, Cal Poly does not accept appeals.

Does an EOPS community college transfer student automatically become an EOP student at Cal Poly?

NO. EOPS is an entirely different program than EOP. Consideration for EOP at Cal Poly is part of the admissions process and you must apply for EOP to be considered.

Do ALL transferring students from other CSU's qualify for EOP? 

NO. Students transferring from other CSU campuses are eligible for the program upon verification of EOP status at their previous CSU institution. Please contact our office at 805-756-2301 for more information about the EOP verification process. If you are transferring from another CSU campus as a non-EOP student, you are ineligible for EOP.

Is applying to EOP the same as filling out the FAFSA?

NO. EOP applicants must submit a FAFSA separately. More information on the FAFSA can be found here.

Once enrolled in EOP, do I have to submit a new EOP application every academic year?

NO. Once a student is enrolled in Cal Poly and accepted into EOP, the student will remain in EOP provided that they honor the conditions of the contract that they sign upon acceptance into EOP.

Are only underrepresented minority students accepted into EOP? 

NO. Any student who meets the EOP income, residence, and first generation criteria may be accepted into EOP.

May students apply even if they do not meet the income guidelines but only want tutoring, advising, etc.? 

NO. EOP is only offered to historically low-income, first generation college students.

Does an EOP student automatically get an EOP grant from Financial Aid?

NO. Not all EOP students receive the EOP grant. The grant is part of the total financial aid award and is determined by the Financial Aid Office. The grant is awarded based on availability of funds.

Do EOP students receive book vouchers and/or priority registration?

No. EOP does not provide book vouchers or priority registration.

Are students with disabilities automatically accepted to EOP?

No. Students with disabilities must meet the EOP requirements.

What are the responsibilities of an EOP student?

An EOP student must be responsible for: Completing a minimum of 12 units per quarter or 36 units per year, maintaining quarterly contact with his/her academic advisor and utilizing academic support services on campus.

If I am no longer interested in being considered for EOP, may I opt out?

YES. During the EOP application process, you may contact the EOP office for assistance at 805-756-2301. If you are currently a student at Cal Poly, you must meet with your EOP advisor to discuss your options.

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